For sale as one complete job lot, no sale of separate items or articles.

The 70 plus hats and fascinators alone have great resale £ potential.


We are closing the business, so offers please to take the lot as described

We will accept sensible offers that will allow you to make a good profit.

Buyer collects from BN11 (Sussex Coast)

Some of the following items can be viewed on the gallery link below!

Large style hats
  • Black and cream sinamay

  • Black felt with netting 

  • Purple and yellow wavy sinamay

  • Pink Dupion silk

  • Black and purple sinamay

Medium style hats
  • Black velvet and lace with feather and hat pin

  • Bronze coloured dupion silk with olive/bronze coloured satin crown and feathers

  • Gold coloured sinamay with lace covered crown and bronze/gold trimmings

  • Dusky pink straw with black sinamay trimming and pink feathers

  • White satin brim with black velvet crown and flower and feather trim

  • Black velvet with curled quail feathers

  • Small brown velvet 1940's style with feather trim

  • Ivory straw with vintage ribbon and pearl-like trim


Small style hats
  • Pale blue sinamay with ivory coloured flowers and feather and bead trimmings

  • Pillbox style with green chiffon covering and flower and bow

  • Black wavy crinoline 

  • The beige straw round base with sculptured straw and glass type beads

  • Grey felt cloche style with purple flower trim

  • Natural straw with black trim

  • Black crown base with net edging and rust coloured trimming

  • A pale pink straw boater with net and feather trim

  • Brown felt bowler style with dupion silk fabric trim and crown covered with feathers


Note: the majority of hats, large, medium and small come in hat boxes. Hats will fit various head sizes. 

Various fascinators etc.
  • 32 x assorted fascinators

  • 8x decorated Alice bands

  • Box of 9 bridal style small fascinators

Materials and equipment
  • 6 + polystyrene hat moulds in various shapes and sizes

  • 12 straw capeline hats

  • 6 basic straw hats, ready for embellishments 

  • Small pieces of sinamay, suitable for making fascinators

  • Various boxes of buckles, wired flowers, pipe cleaners etc for embellishment 

  • Small Box of various chiffons and organza’s

  • A small box of lace and netting. 

Various millinery items
  • Wires, stiffeners and general bits and pieces

  • Box of wadding, crinoline, buckram, felt, lining and interfacing

  • Box of various flowers 

  • Many various feathers

  • Small straw or sinamay bases to use for fascinators

  • Few headstands

  • 1x roll of buckram 

  • 9x rolls of sinamay, various lengths, various colours

  • 1x roll of gold-coloured velvet about 1/2 metre in length


Hat boxes

  • 24 x 30cm square x 10cm deep, with Jane Sharville logo. Can be covered with a sticker if required or used as a supplier product logo

  • 36x hexagonal 29cm x 20cm deep with Jane Sharville logo. Can be covered with a sticker if required or used as a supplier product logo

  • 8 x large round, 60cm x 28cm deep, plain white, no logo

Remember: Some of the hats and fascinators can be viewed on the gallery link below...

This website will be taken down before the end of November 2020!


Tel: Jane: 07881 680692 - Mike: 07791 807088


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